Monday, December 31, 2007

Hey darlings, the imported candies spree link is up on my livejournal.

... includes candies like tootsie rolls, frooties,
icebreaker sours, lifesavers.
All my favourite candies,
Price includes shipping from US! (:

i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Mystery: Hahhaas, i've given out/eaten all the cookies!
Nothing for you, sorry! :x

Samantha: Hahahs. Bake tgt one day luh!
So did you make the candycane cookies?

Sher: Tsk! Short short luh, nvrmind one!
Easier to find boyf! :x
Go check out the link darling.

Amy: C.H.I.J's amy right?
I've got a sweeeeeet tooth,
Hahahahs, super cute right!

Anon1: -.-

Steph: Thanks for reading my blog dear!
That's sweet even thou i still think
my life is plain-plain boring. :x

Felicia: So what are you doing now?
Slacking and waiting for results?

Yelrihs: Haahahas, all kids also will drop teeth one mar!
eeeeeyerh! you this god-mother
don't let kids eat candies one uh!
Torturous godmother!

Oooooyeah, Countdown party tonight baby.
with Florella &Boyf, Nana, Yq, Wooden block, Hayven & friends
and i don't know who's going too.

Since x'mas celebration sucks,
Today better be woo-la-la fun!

What should i wear tonight!

Gonna have fuuuuuun. (:

And i've to go down to the post office to collect my loots ltr.
Damn troublesome! Hope it's my UO spree item,
The teal dress! :D

Everyone, an advanced HAPPY NEW YEAR to you!

Sunday, December 30, 2007


i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Jacquelineee: Awww come'on, do you seriously think
i'd be bothered by your nonsense?
When my boyf was in Project SS,
i was scolded all sorts of shit by fans.
Things that even when my friends saw,
it made their blood boil,
even can't help it but scolded them back for me,
I was immature and i was affected by those rubbish then.

But that was then, when i was 14 and still a kid.
After everything, do you think one small little
comment from you, an insignificant person
in my life will affect me at all?

The way you say things, will just give people
an impression that you're so crude.
And like i've said before, i'm not very conservative,
So choose what you see in my blog.

Anon 1: hahahas, omg you actually
bothered to go look for her friendster?!
Seriously, people like that. Ignore. (:
Too bad, such a pretty, sweet face.
Opens her mouth, and we sees what she's made up of.

Xiaogirl: Wahh my dear, you compliment me
until i wanna fly up and hit my ceiling alrdy leh!

Anon 1: -.-

Anon 2: Hey girl, what kinda "branded" are you looking at?
LV, Gucci kinda branded or?

Jasmine: hahahas, Relax darling!
Relax relax relax! (:

Missy: I'm not a D! :x
Hahahas, thanks for your compliment,
But i'm pretty short, like 157cm.

Anon 1: Bad Guess. (:

Mika: Hey dear, sgspree.livejournal,
_spreee.livejournal, joinspree.livejournal. (:
Whooo, i like mika, hahas is your real name really mika?

Mystery: hahahs, I'm fat and flabby!

CCS: Asos, Gojane, VS, La Senza sprees soon pleeeease!
Cos i don't really shop in taiwan sprees.
Always take moooonths!

Yuling: It's super fun!
Come over my hse and bake,
then we can make candy floss tgt too! :D
And when your son is finally out,
i can make for him too! heh.

SamanthaSwee: Like arnd one week ago?
I hope it arrives quuuuickly!
I wanted to get another pair of gold heels from there too!
But, shipping will be so ex luh.
I think my that pair of oxford heels,
shipping agar agar 8bucks alrdy luh! :x

Yq: Loved the present, hope you like yours too! (:
I want a hoooolla hoop~

I'm like having a massive headache now.
I went for supper at Jalan Kayu with my boy
and it started after i've finished my food.
Headache headache!

Then i reached home popped a couple of Panadol Extra,
Doesn't seem to work man!
Then i trimmed my Peanut's fur shorter (My Cutest GuineaPig!)
Cos it's so long and it's getting dirty when he pee pee alrdy!
Eeeeeew, Gross.

Went to town with shirley for some modelling
thingy yesterday afternoon, And she decided to come
over my place to bake cookies with me cos she was bored anyway.
And florella texted me and ask if i'm free for the night
cos she was bored and felt like doing some baking too.
So the three of us went back to my hse.

Flor and me chatted for a loooong time,
shirley was whining and yakking,
complaining that she's bored and sleepy &she wants to bake.
We continued yakking, yakking despite her whining anyways. :x

Looks like a hole burned thru Florella's hands,
But, It's reeeeally the damn cookie dough.

Pardon my messy kitchen, but shirley goh was
being mean and trying to capture my obasan moment.
(Washing up the mixing bowl)

In case you guys are wondering again,
Why fidel so vain arh, at home still don't remove makeup?
Cos i came back from town remember?

And i'm suuure shirley goh will
snap snap snap alot of pictures one loh.
So i didnt wanna scare you guys with
my un-made up face! HAHAAS!


We made alien-y m&m cookies.

And normal looking ones.

While waiting for the 1st batch of cookies to be done baking,
Slack and eat mangoes!

And apparently shirley and florella was very surprised that
the mangoes in my hse are readily cut
& the mango skin is peeled off.
My dad always cut and peel them off for me,
Like, since i was young? So it was like perfectly normal for me.
Cos if i see the skin there, I won't be bothered to eat them.
I'm very spoilt. :x

And they're like: "eh your dad very good hor,
fold your clothes, keep your washed bra/panties
back in your wardrobe for you somemore!"

Shirley made this snowman cookie while it was hot, soft
and fresh from the oven.

When i saw this picture,
I was like: "Eh flor, why you don't take picture with me!"
*Gives hurt/poor thing face*
Flor: "Fidelis toh! I'm in specs leh!"

Damn cute lah.

Shirley and florella's obasan moment. Teeheehee.
I know, shirley looks so so bright. Sunny yellow + Hot Pink.

I was like: "eh, flamingo uh you shirley goh!"
That's actually my pair of American Eagle short!

Late in the night, We're sleepy and we're still baking.
Getting really cranky. :D

And i groomed a frigging fat dog yesterday.
Like frigging frigging obese alright.

Look! Fat until don't even wanna
stand up for me to groom okay!
Even his name is called "Xiao Pang"
which literally means little fattie!
Fattie bom bom!

He's like, so fat, so heavy.
When i try to support him up with one hand to groom him,
He slide down and squash my hands under that fat little body!
So i had had had, to use a tin to support him up! :x

Oh anyway girls, I'll be opening a Candy spree soon.
Mot probably tmr night cos i wanna get my candies fast too!

Will be spreeing for candies like Tootsie rolls,
IceBreakers Sour, LifeSavers.

All my favourite candies. The icebreakers sour, lifesavers,
All my friends tried and they were like,"Omg damn addictive!"
I'm so in love with them too lah!
I think i'm getting like 6-8 tins for myself. :x

All candies not available in Singapore,
not even candy empire luh. ):
Will post up the link of the spree, maybe tmr night!
So anyone who wanna get your tootsie rolls,
Do check back here and order! (:

Church tmr, and the youth are doing urshering.
Gotta sleeeeep! GoodNight! (:

Thursday, December 27, 2007

i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Samanthaswee: Hey girl, i'm still waiting for my heeeels!
Just joined that GoJane spree aweek ago, hehe
I want those pretty things fast! :D

Steph: Hey, i joined a spree so i didn't have to pay
directly to gojane, just transfer to the spree organizer. (:

Siao lah you, really arh, what church so goood!
My church alot aunties so they all
very anal about dressing one luh.
It's plain irritating and bothersome okay.
Wear tube pull high high up,
nvr wear jacket they also can kpkb!

Anon1: St Hildas. (:

Jasmine: Hahahaa, damn funny lah.
Somemore that time i was super busy, hair flying all over.
Such a mess loh! So paiseh. :x

Princess Ambere: Hey dear, i ordered it thru
a spree at!
Super pretty hor, I wanna get more of their items loh. :x
But boyf confirm kill me, so don't dare! hahahahs.

Jacquelineee: hello JAAAACQUELINE,
So are you trying to praise me or
trying to put me down, my dear girl?
1st, you praise me and say i look so much
better than before, oh thankyou so much.
2nd, you become a busybody, nag like a old hag
like how i show my cleveage uh?

Seriously, you're living in the 1950s, 60s is it?
Very narrow minded leh. Jialat,
and you're only what? 19 years old? Oh gosh.

Jasmine: Hey darling, it's okaaaaay.

I had the weirdest x'mas this year,
Christmas deco, tree, everything's up at my place.
But i don't feel the x'mas mood man. ):

Plus, This year x'mas day dinner,
We had vegetarian food with boyf's parents,
May & Adrian, Auntie Meijiao, Chantelle.
I never liked vegetarian food. ):
Vegetarian for x'mas is so spoil mood leh,

No turkey, No logcake, No booze, No party.
Like blooooooody, hell.


My boyf bought me a cotton candy machine! :D
He got his sister to help him buy it back from australia.
I wanted to cry when i saw it okay, like seriously!
I wanted it so so so so so much and
i seriously didn't expect him to get it for me!

Cos i'll always teeeeeh him
& say i want a cotton candy machine,
then he'll be like: "No way, ltr you everyday eat
candyfloss then all your tooth drop, i don't want you!"

It's damn funny, we were trying it out for the 1st time,
Uncle, Auntie, May, Adrian, Jacq, Garett, Boyf and Me,
All crowd arnd that tiny machine and staring at it,
Waiting for the yummy cotton candy to form!

The scene's so comical, imagine that.

May is like super cute, she bought us all presents,
made us sit tgt at the dinning table &
open our presents one by one!

She got me a lace dress,
4 Jessica Simpson Desert Treats lipgloss,
Desert Treats belly button scent.
It's soooo cute, i love the desert treats lipgloss in "Candyfloss"!
Smells yuuuuummy and pretty. :D

And 24hours of x'mas day flew past so quickly.
I might be baking cookies for my boy tmr,
Chewy choco, white chocolate chips.
Or Chevy choco, peanut butter filling cookies.
Might! If i didn't bake, and he read this,
He'll surely nag!

It's 4am and i need to sleep.
Cos i've to be in town by 2pm.
I'm dying, Need my beauty sleep.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

May's finally back from australia auntie,
uncle was damn shocked when they
saw their "surprise" standing right at the door.

I've just received the best x'mas gift
in the wooooorld from my boyf!
My smile is so so wide now.
Hint: mmm, mmm yummmmy!

Blog about it tmr. :D

Monday, December 24, 2007


i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Janice: Linked you babe. (:

Eclipse: I'm having some blemishes,
but not to the extend of breaking oooout. :D
Thank you! but i think i look weird in the picture! hahahas.

Passerby: Hey, it's really reaaaally nice.
I like all the colours! how come you don't like blue,
green and dark colours! They're reaaally nice luh!
And seriously, i was surprise it last thru the whole day,
cos normally my eyeshadows would fade,
but the pigments doesn't!

PasserbyA: Hey babe, Yeah i received it alrdy!
Picture below! :D It's so so so pretty luh!
The packaging is really pretty.

And the goat hair brush is so so so soft can.
It's lasts the whole day! And if it doesn't fade for my skin,
the staying power is considerably good alrdy,
cos normally if i use drugstore brands like loreal,
after 1-2 hour confirm faded alrdy!
Only complain is that the brush is not those big fluffy kind,
It takes longer to spread/blend the colour on my cheeks.
I wanna get more Jill Stuart stuff
when my pay finally comes in! :D

Hello: Goodbye you disgusting old fart. Pervert.

*: Thanks for telling that pervert off for me! (:

Samantha: HAHAHAAS, yah lor sway!
You should've been there!

Hey darlings, My nuffnang clearasil ad is just up!
Do click click click pretty please! :D

LIKE SUPER YAY! No more woooork tomorrow.
The past 4days have been shaggy tiring for meeeee,
I'm gonna stay at home and rot like my boyf's TaiTai.
Paper cuts, paper cuts and more paper cuts!

My sweet boyf said poor me worked hard for the past 4 days
he's pampering me with a full body massage.
It's so so so relaxing and the beauty parlour
is very very beautifully decorated, The music is so relaxing,
Love all the dark victorian-ish wallpaper.
My mummy will kill me if i tell her i want
black victorian-ish wallpaper in my room. ):
She doesn't like my room to be dark.

Ahhh, the massage is so good i walked out of the
place feeling so so relaxed and nua nua,
just wanna lie in bed and fall asleep!
But i had to go to church at 4pm for christmas celebration!
So cannot sleep! Torturous loh!

And and and!
I'm so frigging happy when the postman came lah.
Very very very pretty packaging in a soft pink paperbag &box.

It's like, 1348263426348 thousand times prettier in real life.
My phone camera sucks, i want a camera!

Camwhoring while working/slacking/touching up!

The 2nd day we finish giving out
the damn gift wrappers by 4-5pm.
It's damn funny can, we left one whole stack
on the gift wrapper stand outside Taka, When we came back,
Sooo, Work's done!

Singaporeans uh, got free thing then very automatic.
So we slacked from like 5-8pm till we can finally go home?
It's oh so so so bored.

Went to visit Chuhong at far east and to get Samantha's bag.

People do crazy things when they're real bored.

3rd day is like, the most hoooorrible, or the best day. :x
We were suppose to report for work at 2pm,
but they changed to 3pm last minute.
then they asked us to continue waiting
cos the wrappers are not even here.
Then we waited from 2pm wait wait wait until
8plus to 9pm then come can!
Daaaamn irritated, Thank god we're paid.

Paid for slacking. :D
Samantha and me even went to far east
to do an express pedicure while waiting.
It's so f-ing boring waiting arnd lah!
it's so cheap, 15bucks for express pedi with OPI nail polish.
The shop name's Cinderella Nails. Really comfy seats!

So we started at like, 9pm? The driver is an idiot okay!
the wrappers are so freaking heavy,
We asked if they can help us
carry it to the front entrance of Taka,

He was like, "can is can lah, but very heavy leh!"
SIAO! If even a guy will think it's damn heavy,
How will we girls be able to carry them!

In the end we carried it to the front by ourselves.
Hooooooorrible! i bumped into jasmine and i was so shy
because she grabbed me and went "HELLOOO!"
but i didn't know who she was!


Shirley's being irritating & trying to butt in her bighead into our picture!



Sylvia, Samantha


4th day!
Singtel's being mean, and they gave us 5000 sheets of
wrapping paper for one person to give out.
which means 25000 for us 5 girls to finish giving out by 8pm.

I was alone in between Taka's LV and Wisma,
And i'm very surprise alot of people are taking from me!
Damn happy lah! ALOT PEOPLE LOH!
Somemore at some point of the time,
even got a long long long queue okay! like 15-20 people?
I feel like frigging Santa without the damn beer belly/beard.

And this singapore actor came to queue also leh!
Like omg, queue with all the aunties leh. Bth!
When i saw him queuing there i was trying
to hard not to laugh out loud loh!

I bought a Charcoal pair of Oxford heels from :D

Christmas celebration today!
The people singing for the performance were all
suppose to wear white shirt/black pants for the performance,
with a scarf ties arnd the neck.

And the way they're suppose to tie it was like,
super auntie-ish lah!
When i walked into the toilet and saw serene, bel and tengli
trying like crazy to tie it in a more un-auntieish way.
I can't help but laugh lah! Damn auntie!

And i tied for serene and she said the way i tie is very nice,
and i've to tie for everyone performing, like 12 ladies?
Tie until i go kuku! -.-


victor, eugene, vicson, fidelis, tengli, tricia

Wearing my new shirt dress that
boyf helped me to collect yesterday night!
He thinks it looks very sweet but keep scolding me
cos he think it's really short
and i'm not wear any "safety shorts". :x

And as usual, people from my church were like,
"wahh very short hor? Are you sure this is a dress?
Or a Shirt? You forgot to wear your pants arh?"
Daaaaamn irritating, can't they comment like LESSER?
Narrow minded weirdies.

Need to sleep!
May jiejie is coming back to singapore tmr afternoon!
Going to fetch her with boyf tmr evening, excited. :D
Goodnight darlings! Do click my nuffnang ad! hehe

Friday, December 21, 2007

i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Sher: Hahahas, wedding pictures.
Boyf thinks it's very sweet.
I'm very young hor please okay!
I don't wanna get married so young, waste my youth! :x

Anon4: omg reaaaally? I didnt know that!
cos nobody stopped us also,
So we just snapped snapped snapped away!

Jasmine: Heeeeeello dear, heh.
Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop!
Let's go shopping when i finally get my pay!
Anon3: Thankyou! (:

Anon2: Hey babe, actually i've not really been
consistent in eating the pills leh,
I've very bad memory so i always forget,
but i don't think there's any side effect luh!
Afterall, it's just higher content of Vit-C. (:

Anon1: Hey dear, i think you saw the wrong person!
I haven't been to thomson plaza for like a gazillion yeeears.

Yelrihs: TSK! you meanie lah!
I thought fake one mar, hahahahahas.

Janice: Hello girl! (:
You're the one wearing white with long rebonded hair yeah?

Have been working in a roadshow event for Singtel.
in town for the past few days,
Will be there till like, saturday.
Straight four days in town,
I'm so sick of town town town town town!

But it's so so so fun
while working,
i bumped into Shawn, Vivian, Shu Herng, Danny and gf !
I think i'm dreeeeaming,
cos normally i don't bump into people cos i won't
actually go and look at people when i'm out shopping :x
I'll be looking at things, at buildings, but just not people!
So i'm very happy! :D

Boyf was like so sweet to come and
pick me up after work on wednesday.
Then, we had dinner tgt! (:

But at least the people i'm working with are fun,
Shirley, Samanta and Sylvia.
I'm the odd one out.
Triple S! :x

Afterwork, We're very very tired.

I tell y'all! HAHAHAHAHAHAS!
Like some "hua chi", standing beside newurbanmale's
booth and oogling at one of the hotguy there.

The both of them was like,
*grab each other's hands, jump jump!*
What a sight! Cousin-cousin madness.

I got paper cut while working and it bleed so much!
Till it got numb alright. We're like super poor thing,
So many many many papercuts all over our hands.
i've like 4 plaster all over my fingers now.
It looks pretty pathetic. Mummy-fied fingers.
My mummy and boyf freaked out when they saw this picture.

I've just received my Icebreaker candieeeees,
It's just so addictive. :x
Me and my sweet tooth, whoops.

I want my Jill Stuart blusher quick quick!
Postman quuuuuick! (:
I don't know if i'm working/earning
or spending even more while working.

I bought my Laneige Star-White Multi protector,
sunblock plus whitening makeup base, $52. (Wednesday)
And a MAC Curiousitease: 5 cool Pigments set at $58. (Today)
It's sooooo pretty and irresistable, plus, i love MAC's pigments!

Went shopping with Gwen, I overslept and i was horribly late.
I'm always late, i need like 2 hours to slowly slowly prepare.
Like majiam some queen lidat,
do everything also slow slow one.
But, i'm like that luh!

Sidetrack abit, yesterday shirley was like
"wahh you very jialat leh, imagine you work at 9am,
you need to wake up at 6, plus one hours of transport!"
Seriously, I'll die.

Okay, back back, outing with gwen.
So after we're done with our shopping,
We cabbed over from paragon to esplanade,
which like, cost us 1
Seriously, cabbing is getting so expensive. ):
Then we went esplanade to watch gwen's boy,
Martin in his choir performance.

Meridian JC choir performance at esplanade.
They're good. (:

Gwen's the niceeeest bestie,
she's like the sister type who'll takecare of you.
Really takecare of you. Damn cute. hehe
And never for once did she give me any attitude or whatever!
Super love! :D

And i spent $120 on a La Senza sleepdress,
denim skirt for work, Another printed dress.
So in total in 3 days, $52 + $58 + $120: $230
Lemme pray that boyf doesn't see this post!
he'll nag me to death okay!

Need t wake up at 9am tomorroooow to prepare for work. ):
7hours is so not enough for me! ):

TAGTAGTAGTAG darlings! (: